The Exbury Collection of Nerines and Lachenalias

The Exbury nerine collection are hybrids of Nerine sarniensis that come originally from South Africa where the wild plant grows in the mountains of the Cape Province. It is an autumn flowering bulb belonging to the Amaryllis family and should not be confused with its hardier cousin n. bowdenii .

N. sarniensis arrived in Europe in the 1600's and made their home on the island of Guernsey, from where they get the common name 'Guernsey Lily' . They are also called 'Jewel Lily' in reference to sparkle in their petals that make them dance in the sunlight.
Nerines are easy to grow, they like water in autumn and winter and should be kept dry in the summer. They normally flower in October. They need a frost-free greenhouse and the bulbs are very long lived.

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The Nerine and Amaryllid Society

Organises visits to see collections in the UK in the Spring and Autumn and sends out journals  filled with fascinating articles from growers, scientists and collectors that is a must for any bulb enthusiast. Costs £12 per year and you get to see our collections of Lachenalias here at Exbury in the Spring and Nerines in the Autumn.